My thoughts on election day:

This picture was taken on MLK day 2014. All three of us were spending a year abroad as high school students with a governmental scholarship in San Antonio Texas. We had the time of our lives, living in the states and getting to know not only America, but so many people from all over the world!It has almost been seven years since we took this picture.It has been almost four years since President Trump took office and started to change the America we got to know and got to call our home, at least for a year. I remember that back in 2016, when Trump got elected, I believed that he wouldn’t last long. I believed that he would be out of office in no time, maybe he would stay for a few months, but most definitely not for four years. My exchange organisation AFS was founded by the American Field Service that drove ambulances during the second world war. Their idea was it to bring young people from all over the world together, to spread intercultural dialog and prevent another world war. It meant a great deal to me, to be part of this wonderful project and it makes me incredibly sad and angry to watch Trump over the course of four years destroy the bridges that were build.Today America is voting and I am terrified, as are my host parents and siblings and the friends I talked to within the last days. All of them are hoping for a change. All of them are hoping for Biden to get elected. All of them are afraid Trump will win a second term. But at the same time, all of them are afraid of what is going to happen, if Trump loses the election. He will be in office for another few weeks. Nobody knows how he will react and if he is willing to just let go of the presidency… Nobody knows how his supporters will react… Corona is hitting America hard and people are already afraid of loosing their jobs and housing, of becoming sick. Lots of people already lost their jobs and are homeless by now. I am scared of the weeks to come…

My thoughts on november 7th:

What a relieve! Philadelphia just got called! Biden has won the election. It seems like everybody is turning away from Trump and the world is taking a deep breathe. And the most important point and the biggest source of hope seems to be Kamela Harris being the first female and person of color becoming vice president of the United States of America! This is a historic moment to remember!

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Mitglied des Bundestages für die GRÜNE JUGEND Niedersachsen und den Wahlkreis Goslar - Northeim - Osterode

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